Sunday Bags!!

Contents of Chloe and Lily’s bags: A decorated clipboard, — perfect hard surface for coloring printed clip art from the internet (the kids all loved these today). A crayon roll (tutorial here), easy way to keep the crayons from disappearing in the benches. An “I Spy” bag (find the pattern here), and a small toy. A set of magnetic dress-up dolls (I downloaded and altered the dolls on this site, then printed them on magnetic paper — they’re stored in a metal tin so they have their own magnetic home). A small snack container and a sippy cup. Finally, a photo album filled with pictures of cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, church pictures, and, of course, them!

Contents of Brigham’s bag: Same as above, without the magnetic dress-up dolls. Also, his included a wooden cut-out of a truck and a miniature John Deere tractor. Ooh, and I almost forgot, everyone’s bag had some sheets of stickers!

* One customized quiet bag (your family’s last name, a child, grandchild, niece or nephew’s name, girl, boy, or gender neutral)
* A personalized clip board with coloring pages from the internet
* A crayon roll with 16 crayons inside
* An “I Spy” Bag
* A magnetic paper doll set (you get to cut out the figures) and metal tin
* A small toy (car, polly pocket, etc.)
* A small snack container and sippy cup (both new!)
* A photo album
* A $5 gift certificate to Snapfish.com or online photo shop of your choice (so you can fill up your photo album, of course)!

See Julie’s Blog!!


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